Tianying Wang

I am a research engineer at Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore, where I work on reinforcement learning and robotic learning.

At A*STAR I've been working in CHEEM. I did my Master at National University of Singapore. I did my bachelors at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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I'm interested in AI, reinforcement learning, adaptive learning, meta-learning, and robotics. In particular, I want the robotics learn efficiently and adapt to the changing environments.

RoboCoDraw: Robotic Avatar Drawing with GAN-based Style Transfer and Time-efficient Path Optimization
Tianying Wang, Wei Qi Toh, Hao Zhang, Xiuchao Sui, Shaohua Li, Yong Liu, Wei Jing
AAAI, 2020

The proposed RoboCoDraw system takes a real human face image as input, converts it to a stylized avatar, then draws it with a robotic arm. A core component in this system is the Avatar-GAN proposed by us, which generates a cartoon avatar face image from a real human face.

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Efficient Robotic Task Generalization Using Deep ModelFusion Reinforcement Learning
Tianying Wang, Hao Zhang, Wei Qi Toh, Hongyuan Zhu, Cheston Tan, Yan Wu, Yong Liu, Wei Jing

In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm for efficiently generalizing the robotic task learning problem to a new environment.

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